The Introduction

So just who am I?

I am a primarily C++ developer
based in Saskatchewan/Alberta, Canada

Although currently I work in the Canadian Oilfields, my true interest and talents lie in software development.

The Details

The Skills

Linux Server Administration

Years of running Debian Linux servers, and Ubuntu/Mint desktops, both personally and part-time professionally mean I can handle the typical administration tasks of keeping IT infrastructure up and running.

Software Development

What I went to University for, computer programming is my mainstay, and my passion. When I have time away from work, I'm usually plugging away at something interesting.

Java/C#/C++ Development

Working with Java/C++ on both Windows and Linux, and C# on Windows, I have developed cross platform programs, and had experience with several compilers, including Visual C++ and MinGW32/64, and GCC.

The More IDE's Change...

Being a cross platform developer, I've workied in several environments, including MS's Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, Eclipse, and CodeLite.

Command Line

Years wrangling with remote computers over SSH means I am capable at computer administration, even with just command line interfaces.

Fairly Well Rounded

Years of work at the family farm, and more recently in the Canadian Oilfield means I can handle myself in and out of an office environment.

Some History
Multi-Country Pride

An International Fellow

Born Canadian, but European travelled, many years were spent especially in the UK.

The University of Ottawa.

University Educated

Educated at the University of Ottawa, I do have a BSc degree in Computer Science.

The Rockies are nice to look at.

Westward Bound

In early 2014, I headed to the West of Canada, and got a job Oil Rigging.